Customised cash register link for all 100 Belgian Q Team establishments

Q Team

The tyre company, Vandekerckhove, is a family business founded in 1966. As an independent entity, they have been part of the well-known Q Team network since 2004. The network, made up of 100 stores, covers the entire country, and always has a wide assortment of tyres in stock. We went to visit the newest store in Roeselare, which has a capacity of around 12,000 tyres and now also uses a cash register-linked payment terminal for payments.

Something for everyoneHeading

Nicolas: “At Q Team, we set up a great store by cultivating good customer contacts. Our aim is to give companies and individuals as much drive time as possible thanks to the advice of our tyre experts. Many people think of Q Team for only passenger vehicles, but we also welcome vans, trucks, and even agricultural and road construction vehicles. In short, every type of vehicle and customer will find what they need from us.”

Safety first

Nicolas: “The choice of a payment terminal is carefully considered and driven primarily by safety considerations. Tyres are not cheap, and we did not think it was pleasant to have a lot of cash in house. Promoting electronic payment gave us a safe and pleasant feeling and for our customers, it goes without saying that you can pay by card.”

Tailor-made cash register linkHeading

Nicolas: “Nowadays you will find a cash register-linked payment terminal in all 100 Q Team establishments. By linking to the cash register, the risk of typos is zero, and the transaction is immediately transferred into our ERP system based on the chosen payment method. For example, think of debit cards (Bancontact) and credit cards, but the possibility of displaying the Payconiq QR code on the payment terminal is also a nice extra.”


Professional and market pricesHeading

Nicolas: “With CCV, we have a professional partner that is up on the latest payment trends and offers market prices. The commitment to customise the cash register link for our own ERP system won us over. Not only did the implementation of all 100 terminals go smoothly, but the follow-up and after-service care was also outstanding.”