CCV Pulse 2020

Customers are looking for a shopping experience that is smooth and effortless and the method of payment can – in many cases - make it or break it.

The new decade is bringing a solution to this problem

With all sorts of new technology – from mobile payments, to contactless card and wearables, we are approaching an area of frictionless payment. Payment so smooth and effortless, it’s barely noticed.

Download our trend report to learn more about:

  • Trend 1: Mobile ‘everything’ leads to frictionless payments
  • Trend 2: Swiping towards a cashless society
  • Trend 3: Goodbye chip and pin; hello contactless
  • Trend 4: The future face of payments is biometrics
  • Trend 5: IoT payments lead to more comfortable buyers
  • Trend 6: Invisible payments: the holy grail